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Just a Few Words Before You Complete The Non-Resident Firearm Declaration

The Form 909 is 4 pages long. Page 3 is the only one that you need to copy, the rest are just instructions.  Print Page 3 in triplicate per hunter. All 3 pages must be filled out the same but do not sign.

When you arrive at customs you will need:
        This form filled out in triplicate but not signed
        Photo Id, i.e. Passport
        Money –  $25.00

On the declaration; you need to put this information:

8. a) Choiceland    b) Saskatchewan

This form can not be signed until you are in front of the customs agent.

Completing this form before you leave home will speed up your entry.

With this form filled out, Customs is usually stress free.


Please phone if you are having difficulty filling this out.

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